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Chimney rebuild

Partial chimney rebuild: If the upper section of your chimney is exhibiting signs of deterioration, we offer repair services to address the issue before it leads to further damage. Our team will replace  cap on the top of your chimney, replace any bricks in poor condition, and expertly repoint the mortar joints to restore the integrity of your chimney.

Roof line rebuilds:  After a thorough assessment, we may determine that a roofline rebuild is necessary. This process involves the removal of the chimney down to the flashing, along with the inside flues if they are found to be in poor condition. If the metal flashing at the base of the chimney is rusted and deteriorated, it will be replaced. Once the damaged portion of the chimney is safely deconstructed and disposed of, we will then begin the rebuild to the previous height, ensuring proper structural integrity and a long-lasting result.

Complete rebuild: In most cases, the firebox, hearth, and smoke chamber can remain intact, while the outer brick or stone is deconstructed and rebuilt. This is typically necessary when there is structural damage below the roofline, such as severe mortar deterioration and spalling bricks. By focusing on rebuilding the exterior, we can address these issues and ensure the safety and stability of your chimney.

Material: We take great care to ensure that each chimney is rebuilt using the closest matching brick available. In the event of a full rebuild, we also offer the option to switch from brick to stone if desired. Our team is dedicated to providing you with high-quality work that meets your specific needs and preferences.


Stress cracks & brick replacement

 Step cracks in the mortar joint: Step cracking in mortar is typically caused by thermal expansion of the adjoining walls towards each other. Fortunately, this type of cracking is common and can be easily fixed. We begin by using a power tool designed for mortar removal, to cut back the mortar by 15-20mm. We then thoroughly remove any debris and dampen the area. Our team prepares the mortar and adds color dye, if necessary, to match the existing mortar. Using a mason bag, we fill all the cracks and let it set until it reaches the correct consistency. Finally, we finish the job with a jointing tool and brush. This process ensures a high-quality repair that is both durable and visually appealing.


Vertical cracks: These cracks can occur when the building foundations settle unevenly, causing the structure to shift and resulting in cracks that move upwards and break through the bricks and mortar. If this type of cracking is present, it will be necessary to replace the affected bricks and repoint the area.


Important:Open cracks in the brick envelope can allow water to penetrate and cause further damage. Therefore, it is important to address these issues as soon as possible to prevent additional damage to the building.

Fireplace & Outdoor BBQ Island 

New gas fireplace installationOur services include full gas fireplace installation, which includes the option for a thin brick or stone veneer surround. We ensure that each step of the installation is built to code, from the preparation of the wall to the installation of the veneer. Once the veneer is installed, the firebox is connected by a certified journeyman gas fitter to ensure that the installation is safe and up to code.

Existing gas fireplace: If you have an old gas fireplace surrounded by drywall or brick that does not meet your aesthetic preferences, consider replacing the old gas fireplace with a new one and adding a brick or stone veneer, along with a wooden mantle. A stone fireplace can be a beautiful centerpiece in your home, adding both comfort and resale value.

Outdoor fireplace/BBQ island: Spending long summer nights gathered around a wood-burning fireplace in your backyard with friends and family can be some of the most cherished memories. If you have an idea for a fireplace design that you would like to bring to life but are unsure of how to proceed or what the costs might be, we can help. Contact us today to discuss your project, and we will provide a detailed consultation on everything from material options to layout and design. Let us help you create the perfect backyard fireplace for you and your loved ones to enjoy for years to come.

Additional services: 

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