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Chimney rebuild

Partial chimney rebuild: When the top section of a chimney is starting to deteriorate we can repair it before it causes further damage. A new crown and cap will be replaced on the top of your  chimney, any bricks in poor condition will be replaced, and mortar joints repointed.

Roof line rebuilds: The chimney is taken down to the flashing along with the inside flues if they are in poor condition. If the flashing is rusted and deteriorated, this part is removed & replaced. Once the old portion of chimney is deconstructed and disposed of we then start  the rebuild to the previous height.

Complete rebuild: In most of these cases the firebox, hearth, and smoke chamber stay intact, but the entire outer brick or stone is deconstructed and rebuilt. The reason this would be required verses the roofline rebuild is because there is structural damage below the roofline such as  severe mortar deterioration and spalling bricks.

Material:Each chimney is rebuilt using the closest matching brick available, in the case of a full rebuild the option to switch from brick to stone is available.

Stress cracks & brick replacement

 Vertical Cracking: Vertical cracks (stepping)  often result from thermal expansion of the adjoining walls towards each other. This type of cracking is most common and an easy fix. We start by using an arbortech (power tool  designed for mortar removal) cutting back the mortar 15-20mm, blowing out all debris and dampening the area. Next we prepare our mortar adding color dyed if needed to match the existing mortar, using a mason bag we fill all the cracks let it set until it reaches the right consistency then finish it off with a jointing tool & brush.​​

 Horizontal cracks: Uneven settlement of the building foundations may shift which can cause cracks that head upwards breaking right through the bricks & mortar, in this case replacement of the bricks will be necessary along with repointing.

Important:Having open cracks through the brick envelope will cause water to enter furthering the damage. It is best to repair them as soon as possible.


New gas fireplace installationWe offer a full service gas fireplace installing including  a thin brick or stone veneer surrounding. Start to to finish we insure that each step is built to code, once the wall is prepped and veneer installed the firebox is connected  by a  certified journeyman gas fitter.

Existing gas fireplace: In some cases you may have a old gas fireplace surrounded with drywall or brick you may not like. A great option would be to replace the old gas fireplace & add a brick/stone veneer with the option of a wooden mantle. A stone fireplace is a perfect center piece to bring comfort to your home along with added resale value.

Outdoor fireplace/BBQ island: Those long summer nights spent in the backyard sitting around a wood burning fireplace are indeed some of the best times to connect with friends & family. If you have an idea  that you would like to have built, but aren't sure on how to proceed or what the costs would be? Call us today to discuss about your project! We will go over all the details from options for material to layout & design.


Additional services: 

  • Tuckpointing

  • Chimney rebuild

  • Foundation repair

  • Waterproofing 

  • Concrete pads 

  • Retaining walls

  • Window opening 

  • Window closing

  • Parging

  • Stone foundation

  • Fire walls

  • Load-bearing masonry

  • Concrete light pole base 

  • Drone imagery 

  • Masonry cleaning

  • Window sill replacement

  • Pillar rebuilds

  • Home extensions

  • Basement walkout

  • Concrete walkway

  • Egress windows

  • Wall openings

  • Wall closings

  • Glass blocks

  • Dutchman

  • Entrance gate

  • Chimney removal

  • Coring

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